When you crack the code to your personal Wellness,its natural that you want to share it with everyone .
That's what i'm doing here.
I'v learnt through trial and error, and now i'v got it.
If you want to learn more about what i'm doing.....

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Integrative Nutrition & Holistic Health Coach


Hi there, I'm Tricia, and I'm so happy that you stopped by here. I'm a mum of 2 wonderful   

kids and a wife to a very good man . I'm a certified Yoga teacher and I'm passionate about a 

holistic approach to lifestyle!

My Story...
10 years ago I was not as vibrant as I am today !!
I was longing for something to light up that part in me again that I had as a child.
I tried so many different approaches, diet, mindset, and the list goes on and on.
My health, not to mention my state of mind was all haywire. I was Lost, tired, sad, and unwell.
I had no direction no aim and was so empty!!

5 years ago...things started falling in place, but it only started happening when I made a very conscious Decision to change things around. I think that's the secret, making that DECISION!! 

My Life and wellness have changed dramatically for the better and the quality of our lives as a

family has been upgraded to a whole new level.

I'm so excited to be Certified as an Integrative Holistic Health Coach by The Institute of Intergartive Nutrition.
We learned the best techniques to help and guide People to Reach their Wellness Goals with lots of support, plans, and lots of love and care. We believe in Bio Individuality. Every single human is unique and special and very different.
I now coach people who are ready to make that decision to improve the quality of their lives
I guide and coach them through a program that is based on Bio Individuality!
Important aspects like:-
- Stress Management
- Quality Sleep
- Gut Health
- Weight Management
- Self-care 
- Overall wellbeing 
This is my forte...I help you with your transformation.
The best part is that I will hold your hand we will do this together. You will not be alone.
If you are looking for that Shift, Contact Me for a free consultation and more information on my Programs.
It's my passion to help you be Happy and Thrive again!!

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