The Art Of Meditation

The Art Of Meditation

For years I tried so hard to meditate, so hard that I gave up. Thinking that meditation is not for me and one needs to be gifted to attain a meditative state.

But I guess my thirst to meditate was still not satisfied. One day I came across a video on Utube of a simple but renowned teacher who put it so simply.

 I followed these simple instructions and to my amazement I found my self in a state of total bless…….but….here it comes. It completely scared me. The feeling of being out of my own body scared me and during my first attempt came out very scared and did not know how to handle what I just experienced.

This is what I felt, I felt a magnificent power all around me. It was such deep concentrated love, that I never imagined. My breath was slow and I felt out of my body. I couldn’t feel my finger my face my legs, Nothing !!

But the extreme love was so overwhelming that I could not hold my state and got out of it.

It did scare me to meditate again, even though I  wanted to. So with great courage one day I decided that I'm going to dive in.

I prepared a very comfortable atmosphere to do my meditation, very dim lights, some clean, non-toxic calming aromas, gentle calming music and this is what I did….

I sat in a comfortable position, on a chair.

My Spine upright

I closed my eyes and started to follow my breath.

Thoughts started to fill my mind, I followed those thoughts. 

But I also remembered to come back to following my breath. 

This went on for a couple of minutes. 

But I stuck with it. 

Now the thoughts started getting lesser and my focus on my breath started getting longer 

There was a dance going on between my thoughts and my breath focus.

And then after a while the magic started seeping in.

There were pockets when  thoughts and focus canceled each other out and I felt nothing  and thought nothing

I did not know where I was and I did not know who I was 

This time is just let this experienced flow into me with resisting it.

I did not panic, I let this magnificent deep love just take over me.

 Such bliss, its another world, another field.

I felt like I was renewed like I could create anything I want, I felt like a Creator.

I stayed there for a couple of minutes and then slowly started coming out of it.

One of the best experiences of my life.

The best part of it is that the more you meditate the easier it is to disconnect from the outside and go within. It's like strengthening a muscle, muscle memory.

To connect with your Source, God, Field of infinite Potential, you can call it as you wish, its something we all need to do.

And that’s because we need to recharge by going back to where we have come from.

In this day and age ever more so.

From where else then are you going to get your strength to live an abundant life?

The best part is that ANYONE CAN DO IT !!!

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Yoga...Truths and Facts

Yoga has been a hot new trend in western culture since the ’90s, but in truth, it’s an ancient old Indian practice that’s been going on for 5,000 years.

Its Marvels are being highly talked about by Practitioners all over the world. Yoga has the ability to improve mental and physical challenges, and they do so for several good reasons. The truth is that you don’t have to be an expert yogi to enjoy the benefits of this gentle practice.  

In addition to cultivating mindfulness and relaxation, it brings about Balance and Flows into your life not forgetting Vitality.

 Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits that come with practicing yoga.

As a Yoga teacher I've experienced some significant benefits in my well being. I've seen my students evolve from not being able to stretch out a leg and touch their toes to getting so flexible that they can now lay their whole palm on the floor while touching their toes.Being able to quiet their minds and go within, bringing them true bliss.

1. Strengthens the spine:

 Gentle practices that enhances flexibility such as yoga can do wonders for back pain. Yoga has been shown to help those suffering from lower back or spine issues in just a few months of practicing. Even if you do not have back issues , you can still benefit from yoga’s spine stretching abilities.

2. Supports Fertility:

Stress throws our bodies off course in several ways. Studies have shown that stress greatly decreases our fertility and yoga is a means to combat this. When women engage in yoga, it gives them the opportunity to de-stress, relax, and open up energetic channels that can increase the chances of conception. Yoga can also improve blood flow to reproductive organs, therefore improving their function and hormone levels.

3. Helps to increase endurance and strength:

Though yoga isn’t overly-strenuous, it can be challenging. Yoga allows your body to find balance and in doing so, it builds your strength and flexibility. When this happens, it increases your capacity for exercise. If you struggle with physical activity now, yoga may be a gateway that will allow you to work up to other cardio exercises. This in turn helps to support and strengthen your heart 

4. Helps to improve Lung volume:

Yoga encourages deep breathing  practice ,Pranayama. Pranayama is an essential part of yoga that helps to expand the lung and its volume thus bring more oxygen into your body.

5. Helps joint Mobility:

One of the worst things you can do for your joints is not moving. Consistent movement is good for those with joint issues and a gentle practice such as yoga is highly beneficial. If you suffer from such issues, don’t feel like you can’t practice yoga. In my studios we use props such as belts, blocks, and bolsters that help my students find comfortable positions. If you stick with it, you just may find that it helps combat your symptoms and pain.

6. Divine Connection:

Yoga is a mind-body-heart connection. So naturally, it strengthens  our connection with Divine/God/Source. When we allow our minds to get quiet, we hear the messages that Divine has for us. Perhaps you’re questioning the next step you should take on your spiritual path, or you believe there’s another lesson to learn, the meditative aspect of yoga can help you reconnect and listen.

7. Improves Awareness:

Yoga helps to quiet the mind. When we engage in yoga, we allow ourselves to let go of unwanted thoughts and feelings by bringing our awareness to our breath, in turn  reducing  stress . When we reduce stress, we’re better able to be in the present, The Now. 

What does yoga do for you? I love to hear how You are moved, shifted, and changed by yoga. 

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